• Each shot is loaded by hand
  • The spent case is ejected by breaking the action open
  • It is loaded only when ready to be fired
  • The half-cock position may be unreliable


  • Rotating cylinders hlod cartridges ready to fire
  • The cylinder is both magazine & chamber
  • The rotating cylinder aligns each cartridge with the barrel
  • Modern revolvers are either single action or double action


  • Rotating cylinders hlod cartridges ready to fire
  • Operates same as shotguns & rifles
  • Most have a detachable magazine
  • Cartridges are pressed into the magazine, the magazine is pushed into the bottom of the grip frame
  • Semi-automatics feature an action which ejects the spent round, & chambers the next one
  • Many semi-automatics have an internal hammer
  • Some have a "thumb safety"


  • Some have a "thumb safety"
  • Operates like rifles or shotguns
  • Each round is loaded by hand
  • Spent case is ejected by pulling bolt back