We should work together
to protect our world for

  • Urban development:
    Planners and developers can build in greenbelts and habitat corridors that will allow wildlife to use existing blocks of habitat more effectively.

  • Mining and oil:
    By taking proper steps at the opening of a mine or drilling a well, habitat loss can be reduced and habitat can be restored when the mine is closed or the well capped.

  • Ranching and farming:
    Ranchers can practice low-impact grazing techniques and proper grazing management. Farmers can monitor pesticide use and capture and treat runoff before it contaminates habitat. Both ranchers and farmers can use water conservation techniques.

  • Pollution:
    Cities can treat and recycle waste-water and many solid wastes. Factories and industries can treat water and air to reemove pollutants before they leave the siite and escape into the water we drink and the air we breathe.

  • Every Citiizen:
    Should become informed about local wildlife habitat issues. Recycle and dispose of pollutants properly, and practice good water conservation.