Road Sense

  • Obtain travel maps of area

  • Travel only where permitted

  • Comply with all signs, barriers & restrictions

  • Always ask permission to travel on private property

  • Stay out of streams & off lake shores or marshes where you have the potential to get stuck or mired

  • Avoid muddy trails, roads, meadows or steep hillsides where your tires can tear the terrain

  • Respect the rights of hikers, riders, campers & others to enjoy their activities

  • Slow down & be courteous in camp areas

  • When encountering mountain bikers or horses, pull over & stop

  • Never chase wildlife or livestock with any type of vehicle
  • Never put a loaded firearm in any type of vehicle

So you broke down
Stay with the vehicle

Moving around:

  • Wastes energy
    Makes you anxious
    Makes you harder to find

If you must leave:

  • Take only short hikes
    Leave only if you are certain help is nearby, or you are in danger