Shotgun Parts

Selecting a Shotgun

Recoil: The larger the gauge or the heavier the load, the greater the recoil

Break action shotguns transfer more energy back through the stock and "kick" harder. Lighter guns also seem to "kick" harder.

Common Shotgun Gauges(not to scale)
Common Chokes

Chokes don't make the shot go farther, they keep the shot together longer to increase the effective range

Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting or hunting

"boxer stance"

shot pattern

Sustained Lead
1. Point the shotgun ahead of the game
2. Swing at the same speed along the flight line of the target
3. fire
4. Keep swinging after the shot

Swing through Lead
1. Follow the flight path of the game until the firearm muzzle passes it
2. Pull the trigger
3. Continue the swing after the shot

Swing through :

BUTT - from behind
BELLY - through
BEAK - in front - BOOM! - fire!