Wildlife Savvy


  • Precautions: Be especially alert around "dirty" campsites, trash dumps, thick brush, berry patches & streams/lakes.

  • Triggers: Startled - food - have cubs - are wounded

  • Preventions: Hunters in bear country should be familiar with potential threats that all bears pose. Keep a clean camp, hang food & sweet-smelling goods out of reach of camp, make some noise when hiking, never approach young bears, avoid their feeding areas.

  • Encounters: Don't make eye contact, stop, talk quietly, then move slowly. If attacked - curl up in ball & cover vital areas - (kick, punch & yell as last resort)


  • Precautions: Be alert around brushy areas, open/grassy or wooded edges
    Triggers: Startled - approached - chased - rutting

  • Prevention: Make noise while traveling thru cover, never approach bison, leave area if bulls seem aggressive

  • Encounters: Move away slowly, find cover or leave the area - If attacked, run to nearest cover!


  • Precautions: Be alert when approaching a deer that's down, until you're sure it's dead

  • Triggers: Startled - approached - rutting

  • Prevention: Make noise while moving thru cover if you're not hunting, stay near cover during rut

  • Encounters: Stop - deer will run away if given a chance - If attacked, move quickly out of the way & find cover (punch, kick, &yell as last resort)


  • Precautions: Be alert around brushy areas, near water, ponds & marshes, rivers/streams

  • Triggers: Startled - approached or chased - cows with calves

  • Prevention: If you're not hunting, make noise while walking thru cover. Give moose a wide berth, especially cows with calves.

  • Encounters: Put cover between you & the moose, quietly & slowly leave the area - If attacked - run for nearest cover

Mountain Lion

  • Precautions: Be alert around rocky, brushy areas and steep, wooded areas

  • Triggers: Running away like prey - cat is hungry - young are nearby - are wounded

  • Prevention: Try not to run or jog in lion territory, never approach a lion kill, never approach any lion

  • Encounters: Stop, try not to make eye contact, make yourself look "big", shout - If attacked, curl up & protect vital areas - kick, punch or yell as last resort

Venomous Snakes

  • Precautions: Be alert around rimrock, rockpiles, woodpiles, grassy areas, deadfall, wooded areas near water

  • Triggers: Startled - approached or bothered

  • Prevention: Wear high-topped, leather boots or snake leggings, carry a walking stick & make noise as you tap ground, brush & grass in front of you

  • Encounters: Stop, allow the snake to escape or walk around it - If bitten, get medical attention immediately