On the Trail

A little effort can go a long way toward saving the natural beauty of your favorite hunting spot.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Keep picketed horses well away from camp, lakes & streams
  • Move picketed horses often
  • Tie horses to highline stretched between sturdy trees
  • When using horses, take a minimum number of animals needed
  • Leave pets at home, or keep them under control at all times
  • Leave the landscape better than you found it, for others to enjoy
  • Stay on the designated trail while hiking or riding
  • Avoid cutting across switchbacks

Three Terrific Tips -To keep from getting lost.

  1. Short map: Carry a "short" map (cut down or reduced to show the area you're travelling), know how to read it & identify features & landmarks on the map before you take off.

  2. Back trail: Stop often to look back down the trail you just traveled. "Backtrail" to get a feeling for what the country looks like from the opposite direction.

  3. Landmarks: Look for odd shapes or features that stand out to remind you of where you have been. Make sketches & notes, if necessary - keep the landmarks in the correct sequence.