Two-Person NSSF Stockgun Event

The National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF) sponsors the Two-Person NSSF Stockgun event. This series of events includes shotgun, rifle, and handgun use and a two-person team rather than the three-person team of the STC. Rules are generally very similar to that of the STC, except that the guns must be factory stock with the only machining allowed being that involving the trigger. The only add-ons allowed are a scope or electronic sights.

Courses of Fire 

  • Shotgun Events-rules are the same as STC, except for the Mixed Bag Event, where Shooter A shoots 13 pairs and shooter B shoots 12 pairs. 
  • Rifle Event--Each shooter starts with five loaded magazines. Each magazine contains no more than 10 rounds. Reloading magazines is not allowed. 
  • Combo Eventrifle and pistol are used. The rifle ammunition is the same as for the rifle event. The pistol ammunition allowed is eight loaded magazines, with each containing no more than six rounds. Again, no reloading is allowed. 
  • Handgun Event--Shooter A will shoot the twelve 6-inch precision targets at 25 yards. Shooter B will shoot the 12 different geometric shaped action plates. Time allotted is 90 seconds with 100 points possible score.


    Shooters can begin competing in this sport with basic, everyday inexpensive handguns, rifles and shotguns. Once a team progresses at the lower levels of competition, more expensive, finely tuned guns will likely be added to the team's collection of competition firearms.

    Further Information 

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    Newtown, CT 06470-2359
    Phone:  (203) 426-1320
    Fax:  (203) 426-1087

    (Material courtesy of National Shooting Sports Foundation)