Flight Archery

Shooting for distance is the objective of flight archery. Two types of arrows, regular flight and broadhead flight (arrows with cutting heads, suitable for hunting), are used and can be combined with many types of bows: standard recurve and compound bows, crossbows, flight bows that have an extended handle and a large overdraw, "primitive" bows and the "foot bow." Records are kept for each combination of bow, arrow and shooter class sanctioned by the National Archery Assocations's (NAA) Flight Committee. In a flight tournament, each archer shoots four ends (number of arrows shot before the score is taken or a portion of any specific round) of six arrows. Each end may be in a different class. A different bow can be used for each class or the archer may shoot the same bow for all four classes. The world's record for the foot bow is over one mile!

(Material courtesy of National Shooting Sports Foundation)