Contact Information
National Skeet Shooting Association
Address: 5931 Roft Road
San Antonio
Phone: 210-688-3371
Alternate Phone: 800-877-5338
Fax: 210-688-3014
The People Who Shoot Skeet - Men, women and children of all walks of life who believe in safe gun handling, take pride in shooting well and enjoy outdoor activity with friends and family. At most skeet clubs, you'll find a wide cross section of wives, husbands, single parents, children and grandparents.

Type of Organization
The association is the offical governing body for the sport.

Mission Statement
National Skeet Shooting Association is a non profit organization owned and operated by and for its members, sportsmen who are dedicated to the development among its members of those quailities of patriotism and good sportsmanship which are basic ingredients of good citizenship, and in general to promote and advance the interests, welfare and development of skeet shooting and related sports.