Contact Information
International Practical Shooting Confederation
Address: P.O. Box 972
L6J 9Z9
Phone: 905-849-6960
Fax: 905-842-4323
The International Practical Shooting Confederation was officially founded at the International Pistol Conference held in Columbia, Missouri, in May 1976.

Type of Organization
The IPSC is a non-political Confederation of non-political participating Regions, whose borders normally, but need not necessarily, correspond to national borders. For these purposes, Confederation is defined as being a league or agreement between two or more independent Regions whereby they unite for their mutual welfare, and the furtherance of their common aims.

Mission Statement
The IPSC is established to promote, maintain, improve and advance practical shooting, to safegaurd its principles and to regulate its conduct world-wide in order to cultivate the safe and efficient use of firearms by persons of good character and in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to achieve such objectives by adhering to the following principles, which are established to define the nature of practical markmanship and are embodied in the following words: - Diligentia- Vis- Celeritas, namely, Accuracy, Power and Speed.