Contact Information
Single Action Shooting Society
Address: 23255 La Palma Avenue
Yorba Linda
Phone: 714-694-1800
Fax: 714-694-1815
Type of Organization
An international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. SASS endorses regional matches conducted by affiliated clubs, stages END of TRAIL.

As the game of Cowboy Action ShootingTM has evolved, our members have developed and adopted an attitude towards their participation we call "The Spirit of the Game." Competing in "The Spirit of the Game" means you fully participate in what the competition asks. You do not look for ways to create an advantage out of what is or is not stated as a rule or shooting procedure. Some folks would call "The Spirit of the Game" nothing more than good sportsmanship. Whatever you call it, if you don't have it, Cowboy Action ShootingTM is not your game.