Contact Information
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
Address: 251 Causeway Street Suite 400
Phone: 617-626-1520
Type Of Organization
The Division of Marine Fisheries is responsible for the protection and enhancement of the Comonwealth's marine fishery resources, and for the promotion and regulation of commercial and sport fishing

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Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Division to manage, develop, and protect the Commonwealth's renewable living marine resources to provide the greatest public benefit. The Division fosters protection of the marine environment by cooperating with other state and federal agencies on pollution abatement, coastal wetlands protection and other programs concerning coastal waters and marine life. The Division monitors coastal contaminant levels in fish and shellfish, operates a shellfish purification facility, and evaluates the impacts of coastal development on marine fish and their habitats. The Division provides assistance to local shellfish officers on matters affecting the management of shellfish, and provides expertise on anadromous fish and construction assistance on fishways. Other programs assist commercial and recreational fishermen and educate the public on marine resource issues and values.