Contact Information
Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service
Address: Tawes Building, B-2, Taylor Avenue
Phone: 410-260-8281
Type Of Organization
The Department of Natural Resources inspires people to enjoy and live in harmony with their environment, and to protect what makes Maryland unique

Name Of Contact
Eric Schwaab

Mission Statement
The Department of Natural Resources is committed to achieving the goals of Smart Growth by fully executing those Department programs required under the 1992 planning act and the 1997 Smart Growth Initiative; utilizing GIS technology, the Green Infrastructure network, and other resources to identify natural resource lands and open space most in need of protection; fully supporting and implementing those Department programs which protect natural resource lands and open space; identifying and implementing resource protection measures which reinforce neighborhood conservation, urban revitalization, and green building & development; providing resource planning assistance to local governments; and ensuring that Smart Growth is a "guiding ethos" for program activities.