, Yelloweye rockfish
Physical Description
Yelloweye rockfish are heavy-boned and spiny in the head and near-head areas. The spines are venomous. Coloration in juveniles is deep red with bright white to yellow horizontal stripes; when yelloweyes turn into adults their color lightens and the stripes disappear. Most fins have black on the tips. The caudal fin is rounded.

Food Usage/Selection
Yelloweye rockfish feed on fishes such as gadids, sand lance, herring, lump suckers and other rockfish, as well as crustaceans such as rock crabs, shrimp and snails.

Baja California, Mexico to Gulf of Alaska

Yelloweye rockfish are usually found around rocky areas both inshore and offshore, such as reefs, offshore pinnacles, and steep cliffs. They are most common inshore at depths of 60 to 1800 feet.

Like most rockfish, yelloweye do not partake in migrations.

Yelloweye rockfish can live to be over 100 years old.

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