, California halibut
Physical Description
Like most halibut and flounder, the body of the California halibut is oblong and compressed, with both eyes on one side. Unlike most other halibut, however, California halibut might have its eyes on either the left or right side. Coloration is anywhere from light brown to black on the side with the eyes, and can include some orange and green. The bottom side is white. The mouth is large and the head is relatively small. They are larger than any other flatfish in their range, but smaller than the neighboring Pacific halibut.

Food Usage/Selection
California halibut feed almost exclusively on small fishes such as anchovies. They are aggressive feeders that have been seen jumping out of the water in pursuit of prey.

Baja California, Mexico to the Ouillayute River, British Columbia. A separate population exits in Mexicos Gulf of California.

California halibut can be found anywhere from shallow, nearshore environments such as bays and estuaries to 600 feet deep, though they are mostly caught between 60 and 120 feet in coastal waters. They are found mostly over sandy bottoms.

- California halibut may live as long as 30 years.

- They can grow to be over 50 pounds.

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