, Redtail surfperch
Physical Description
Redtail surfperch have oval-shaped, compressed bodies. Coloration is silver with olive green mottling and reddish to brown bars on the side. The pelvic fin is a pale reddish color, and the caudal fin is pink to deep purple. The dorsal fin has sharp points that are much taller than the soft rays that follow.

Food Usage/Selection
Redtail surfperch eat small crustaceans mainly, but also will eat small crabs, shrimp, mussels and marine worms.

Monterey Bay, California to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Redtail surfperch are commonly found in the surf zone along open ocean beaches, though they may occasionally be in bays around rocks and pilings. They are common in estuaries and protected embayments during the spawning season.

- Redtail surfperch are sometimes known as the rosy surf fish.

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