, Yellowtail
Physical Description
Yellowtail have an elongate body that is slightly compressed and that tapers to the ends. They are closely related to amberjacks, and like amberjacks they are a fast swimming species. Coloration is a purple-blue on the back to a silvery white on the belly. There is a darker horizontal stripe running along the side of the body, and the tail is yellow and deeply forked. The other fins are also yellow.

Food Usage/Selection
Yellowtail are opportunistic feeders that eat a wide variety of foods, including crabs, squid and many fishes, especially anchovies.

Chile to southern Washington

Yellowtail are found anywhere from the surface to depths of 230 feet in inshore waters to the continental shelf. They are a schooling species that are believed to be migratory, but information on this is missing at present.

Yellowtail is often used to make sushi.

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