, Striped seaperch
Physical Description
Striped seaperch have oval-shaped, compressed bodies. Coloration is copper with a dark brown back; there are about 15 orange and blue horizontal stripes running across the head and body. Scales are spotted. The dorsal fin is single, with sharp points followed by soft rays. The caudal fin is not sharply forked.

Food Usage/Selection
Striped seaperch have larger mouths than other surf perches, and eat larger prey because of this. Diet includes mollusks, crustaceans, brittle stars, worms and shrimp.

Baja California, Mexico to Alaska

Striped seaperch are found inshore off rocky coasts and in kelp beds. Young striped seaperch are almost always under some sort of cover, especially kelp, while adults rarely seek cover. Because of their diet, they are often found in areas with lots of algae, since these harbor abundant invertebrate prey.

Striped seaperch are most abundant in the cooler waters north of Point Conception.

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